Professor Caude is Director of Research at the National Institute of Health of France (INSERM). Internationally renowned with 150 publications, her research has focused for over 20 years on how environmental cues are translated into genetic information. Recently, her interest has expanded to consider the huge contribution of non-coding RNA to the regulatory circuitry, and in particular to identify the variations that could influence genetic diseases.

Dr Caude’s first mentor was Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, with whom she learned the techniques of DNA fingerprinting. She obtained her PhD in Genetics in 1999 from the University of Paris VII, under the supervision of Professor Axel Kahn. She did her postdoctorate at Harvard Medical School, in Joslin Diabetes Center, and was tenured in 1998 from Inserm, where she is currently appointed as Director of Research. She founded, with Professor Annick Clement, the first research unit in Pediatric Pneumology at Trousseau Hospital in Paris. She then created a research group on genetic diseases in children in Professor Arnold Munnich’s laboratory at Necker Hospital in Paris, and was director of GenAtlas, a public scientific website.

She received the Prize of the Eisenhower Fellowship in 2013. She featured on “The Science for you to solve” along with 4 Nobel Prizes in Seoul, Korea, and was invited for presenting her work on non-coding RNA at Keystone Symposia and at the Royal Society. She has three patents including the US patent on mitomiRs for adjusting mitochondrial genome, and has had a partnership with Miltenyi Biotec for R&D on mitochondrial preparation.